At It Again

Do not let what you cannot do tear from your hand what you can…….

These guys are writing #jamb again , last year they wrote with hope that its their last. Now, they’re at it again. Why does Nigerian educational system fluctuate backwards? Last regime proposed that the result stays for three years, present regime defiles the former. Its a world of hubbub for these youngsters filled with hope of going forward, instead they are held on a complete halt at a prime of their life.

After their parents and guardians have spent, scratched and brought out their hidden savings just for their kids to move to a higher education. Is it even a higher education or a higher mess? And then I ask, after now…. whatiznext. After they’ve written and even scored the likes of 252 and get don’t get in, what will be their take. How can they get over the emotional grab when their mates who scored 180 gets in while they’re still #awaitingresults. #whatiznext!.
We ask Nigeria, #whatiznext when we’ve paid our due yet don’t get what we’ve paid for.

All I can say is, right there where your are , its for you to be at your best and you’ve heard it before but sincerely, don’t give up. If Kimani Ng’ a Muruge had to start his primary education at eighty something, then you’re just a toddler compared.

Explore all that this life offers. Find true peace and hang on to it, that peace that the world can not give. And then just right where you are, you can be the next best thing to happen in our World.

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10 thoughts on “At It Again”

  1. Yes indeed our education system is a flop.we need to go back to the drawing board and restrategies our educational system,because we need to build a stable educational system so that the young ones coming up can be positive minded leaders with great ideas that can turn the woes of this country,to a country other countries can look up to..I rest my case..

  2. Our education sector is one place we’ve really had it wrong in this country.
    We need to go back to the drawing board , we need to place more priorities on education. The world is advancing technologically, what do we have to show ? . In recent rankings you can’t find a Nigerian university making the first 1000th . Is that not enough reality to tell us how much we have failed ?.
    These days what’s obtainable is lectures asking students for money to ‘sort’ themselves.. The rot is deep!
    Who reads to pass again , when if you have the money you can buy the certificate.
    We need total rebranding.. whatiznext is a collosal breakdown.

  3. It’s called retrogressive progress. It’s no longer unusual for us to take one step forward and ten steps back. Not just in the educational system, it’s inherent in everything that concerns this……. That’s why “YOU” are HERE to make changes.

  4. “What a shame” This is one of the source of the country dilemma bedevilling the success of our HEROES PASSED. No wonder a shepherd could call his sheep lamb “lazy and uneducated youths …” on a global broadcast.

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