A Strong Name

A name of a man can tell two things, where a man comes from and where he is headed for. A strong name always lives an impression.

Everyone has something peculiar and unique added to his name. Names are important and they do matter to both the bearer and beholder.

We carry a name that can either be advantageous or can bring even more disadvantages. Over the years the reasons for our names, depends on feelings, emotions, sounds, experiences, expectations, disappointment, present state of affairs and even more. The sound part for me is hilarious and adds a twist to ones tongue. Qui kwa sha… Just saying….

Every other thing can easily be collected from a man but if his name is collected from him, it might be harder to regain that name. They say ” a good name is better than silver or gold” and I agree totally. It  boils  down to one question. Is your name a good name?.

A name speaks for itself, a name defends itself, if you attack a màn, the name he carries fights back courageously.

So when men live without honor, and cheat their way into indept mediocrity, he doesn’t just ruin himself, he vulgarizes a lifetime of generations to come. And in turn, when a man stands up for honor and courage, he spreads impact to his fourth and fifth generation.

Names are important. Names live on after we are gone. Names soothes when every other thing has left you. Names encourages you when you’re down and helps you back up. Names adds a secret ingredient to the great personality that you are. Names especially when called by someone who loves you feels like a beautifully performed  opera.

Best of all, when you’re told the story behind the name given, its marvelling and satisfying in every way. Mind you there’s always a story to tell except youve never asked….

So when next you think of a name for a child, a spouse, a venture, a nation or even a pet., whatsoever, give it  #astrongname that can stand when every other thing is pulled down by gravitational force.

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6 thoughts on “A Strong Name”

  1. On a positive note a good name can break barriers , open doors and works favours , meanwhile a bad name can cause very damaging consequences.
    A good name is everything, it’s the best legacy one can leave behind.

  2. You’re right! There is much more about names than we realized. There is the spiritual dimension, religious, Psychological. social and cultural dimensions of names. Most often people focus onlying on one aspect of name and some don’t bother to cross check at all, as long as the name appeals to their fancy. That’s also why many people are not concerned about the legacy of the name they bear and leave behind

  3. True Shit. Names are an identity, a power. Think of brands a brand names like Apple or Nike. People choose to identify with them because it’s a status symbol. Because bearing the logo in the form of a phone or a shoe, could almost completely translate to power and wealth. I have to agree that Identity is power.

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