A time out: for real peace

Nobody is entitled to steal your peace from you. Not the angels, not demons, nothing should ever have the veeto power unless you will it to them.

Your peace is your strongest point, your best bet. When your joy is full, I mean joy not happiness from things or persons but the joy that springs forth like a river in your soul. When your joy is full. There’s no power that you can’t surmount. No wonder it says ” the joy of the Lord is my strength “.

A man decided to get a clean shave and run some errands, unfortunately he is arrested and imprisoned. It stated that he committed murder. He was tried and locked up. Psychologically, he begins to imagine and put images together of himself killing another man, its crazy because he doesnt understand why, where and when he might have killed and why he was sentenced for something he has no idea about.

Sometimes, the fake things appears to be made real by our imaginations, we need to say no , we need to in that moment find out what the real things are. We’ve been so carried away with the digital that we’ve forgotten that the rainbow in the sky supersedes any picture by a 30.5 mega pixels camera. We’ve been so in tune with what’s not real that we do not even know what we look like anymore, we see our faces in the mirror and the minute we are out, we forget what we look like. We’ve seen to many nose jobs, breast enlargements, fully beard faces  in a lifetime and we’ve done makeups and contours that we now think we have pointed noses and prominent cheek bones. The point is we look and what is not real becomes real while what is real becomes unreal

Back to the wrongly imprisoned fellow,  “its only in our prisons, that we can really take the #timeout to see what really matters in life “. Yes! he said that. Nothing else mattered to him, he realized that its only the living that can cause change. At that point he found himself , he became aware of the mud water that reflected a beautiful blue sky, he saw for the first time that even a spoilt bread had the freedom of a new life (mole) growing on it. And that’s where his freedom began.

The moment we find ourselves and who we really are, we break forth and our freedom comes in full bar. In chains or in blindfolds, when you see the real things of life, you gain freedom.

So we don’t really need to be in prison to realize that we need to take at a time out . Go indoors, shut all voices out and all other sounds that sets itself against your peace and joy. ” Be still”.  Truly be still and find out what is real.

For me, what is next today is to find the real me.  To find my peace and hold on to it. To listen and hear the voice of the realness of nature, of life. To grab my peace and then alas, to hear the voice that says     “this is the way, walk therein “. And if I hear that voice, I can’t be the fake again. I can’t be that same again. At that point the real me blossom’s and shines forth.

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7 thoughts on “A time out: for real peace”

  1. ….misconception of illusion for reality….

    accept the reality.
    appreciate the truth (facts with proof).
    be the best of you.
    believe in your potentials and your abilities.
    transform your imagination into creativity.
    strike a balance within your self…

  2. Freedom lies in the truth because we can do nothing about the truth,but for the truth,so lets seek to know the truth about life in the spirit cos knowledge of it is very important. Christ is our peace. Just to add to the publication. Thank you ma.

  3. Wow nice one dear. I always talk about originality and how its losing it essence as the days go by. Alas! Here is someone who has also discovered what I have been feeling all this while. The need to satisfy peoples cravings and needs have caused people to allow the vices of the Society or what people feel dictate their lifestyle, thereby accepting *what trends*.

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