Love Again


Dont look down,
Gaze at the dawn,
Tommorrow comes with a clear lawn.
Be prepared to be buttered like new born

As the angels touch down,
All the heartbreaks and ailing gone.
Its time to love again
And the past will bring no pain.

For all the loss, its time to gain.
Another season to love again.
Even after several times,
Love will still find a way.

Really, i want to pride myself by merging the rainy season with love., if i did that, then i’ll also be ready to merge everyother thing to love. Truly, every season of life is made beautiful with LOVE……. Sometimes love can mean swallowing your pride and accepting hard truth, it can also mean giving, it can mean even trusting a blind man to lead you.
Of all the choices ever made, those made in love are the greatest.
In every works of life, love is needed,your spouse needs love, your children need to be reminded even in a tight schedule, your mom needs you to just listen to her chatter. A friend needs to be reassured,coworkers also need you to remind them that, you’re in this shit of a job together…. We all do..
So what is next to do for me the rainyseaons are here, think of love again.

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10 thoughts on “Love Again”

  1. You are quite poetic. Indeed love is it
    life is meaningless without love. Love is it. Many waters cannot quench love. Love is it, stronger than death., sweeter than honey, brighter than the sky, peaceful than water and purer than gold. Indeed love is it. For God is love.

  2. Beautiful lines
    Connoting that live is a spine and trivial without love.
    Love is the ultimate good.

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