Why am I alive?

And i ask myself, why am i alive?
Is it because my destiny is better,
Or is it because am very qualified in life.
Is it because i’ve been overly righteous lately,
Or because am keeping fit regularly.

Yes! I guess its because i’ve never been sick lately.
And l drive safe, using the speed limit.
And even in a public transit i choose the best drivers.
Oh! i think its because i pay my dues regularly.
Okay, am more fortunate than all those who are gone.

Huummmph! I could go on and on and on And deep down there, i know say all na wash.
Pure lie.

I’m alive by grace
I’m alive today
I’m alive for next
I’m alive to fulfil purpose
I’m alive to mount and soar

I’m alive for a greater good, higher than i can imagine.

#Whatiznext for me today is to cheerfully live and find that purpose.
To be alive and bring solutions, not a nuissance.
To be a help, to be encouraged and to encourage others.
To find His peace, my peace and give peace in return.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

Writer... Poet... Lover... Reader...Advertising script writer... Author...

11 thoughts on “Why am I alive?”

  1. You one of the best thing happening to this generation. Ngozi . That’s what the generation Lacks We don’t know why We are alive. ..Thanks For bringing this to our notice.. .

  2. keep grinding girl!!!!!keep doing what you are doing,only time would tell,maybe you might be the next wole soyinka in the woman version..cheese!!!!

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