Phase changes: Freezing

Different phases marks the levels of growth that takes place in us. These phases comes with different changes to be made in us and around us. They come with their dfferent teaching aids.

Phase changes:freezing, melting, evaporation, condensation, sublimation and deposition. Substances on earth can exist in one of four phases, but mostly exist in one of three: solid, liqiud or gas.
This is just a topic in physics but mostly we go through phases in our lives which are somewhat proportional.

FREEZING: Change in state from liquid to solid. Bringing it to our lives, something challenging hits us, we loose a dear one, we get depressed and lose our mind, we just lose something dear to us. It brings us down on our knees and to our lowest lows. Emotionally, we become stiff. Worst case scenario is when the blow comes from the ones we love the most, it hurts the most.

Our behaviour goes from normal to cold and cut. Thats the liquid to solid state. Still a consistent touch of heat that spreads from a loving soul to this frozen situation in our life can emancipate the coldness back to a state of freedom and liberty, removing that which exerts undue prejudices.

Whatiznext today: even in a cold outcome, there is hope, there is life and love outside that immense cold/cut feelings. Even when hurt, forgiveness sets a path for healing and restoration. Frozen or not, love melts away all hardness and love forgives…….

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

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  1. Don’t dare a chemist the have explanation(s) for all reactions also for all life issues… You are one a path way you are getting there… Love this..

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