Phase changes: Melting

Still on the matter. As solid dissolves, harshness and some ill feelings melts away with it.
MELTING: The change of state of a substance from solid to liquid by heating it past its melting point.
At some point, we have to let it all fall away, and we all go through this differently.

Sometimes we use drugs, high level of alcohol, get injected all in a beat to let the issues of our life melt down. Some people become really hard on themslves, just so that the pains can all go away.

I don’t pride myself in knowing it all, but of what good is it when we use wrong pain to let go of another pain. Doing drugs and hard stuff is just a time bomb about to explode. The best thing is to do it the right way. Maybe cry some, kick a block, starve for an hour and eat some chocolate, do some sport, go shopping, they can be relieving but dont kick a real block…

Breaking down doesn’t mean weakness, its just a sign for us to rediscover ourselves again. So don’t be shy, break loose from hells grip, break free from danming captivity, break away from harshness and be that free born again.

Whatiznext today is to melt away all the negative vibes and be free again. Its not so simple, but its simply to let go!.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

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