Once upon a scar

Our wound is where the light enters us….

Our scars could be as obvious as when we look into our mirrors, while for others it could be deep in our heart and deeper than the eyes can see.

Our insecurities run wild when we look at our scars, we get scared when we think about how the scar came to be. Instead, our scars should remind us of where we’ve been and at the same time remind us of all we can achieve with our weaknesses.
Scars differentiate us from others, it also tells a story about us. With every scar, “we get plenty stories to tell”.

Our wound is where the light enters us. So our scars shouldn’t bring our self esteem to a pause. Our scars should be carried proudly and whenever we look back, it should be with an eye of gratitude. If we’ve been through the fires of our scar, it should remind us that we are survivors and more than conquerors. So lets learn to fly our pain it was made for us to grow, lets fly our scars, lets share a story of our scar, with a sigh of grace.

#Whatiznext today is to tell the story of our scar. Once upon a scar! When i look ahead, i know there’s nothing i can not surmount, when am yoked to the light source. So through my scar, i found hope, faith and love. Behind every scar there’s a story and after every scar there’s a beauty”. As time goes by, we begin to see the beauty in our scars.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

Writer... Poet... Lover... Reader...Advertising script writer... Author...

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