The Challenge

When God is speaking, do we understand what he says? Can we see as He does and understand it the way he does? The point is, God is speaking, the challenge is, do we understand?

After all the days noise, do we go to a place of silence, when the sun is down to ponder, to listen, to pause. There is need for a shutting down and after that, a restart. There is always an instrument for communication with him and a message to give.
He meant for us to listen to the inner voice by shutting our lips, which is listening twice as much as we speak. It is for God to conceal things and the kings privilege to discover them.

No one can comprehend what goes on in the kings mind. Those who are spiritual can evaluate all things because we have the mind of Christ.

So here lies the equation, can we listen? Do we hear him speaking? He speaks through all things, to those who search for that voice, at the entrance. It is only those who key into the rhythm that can evaluate the beats. It doesn’t just end in the hearing, the challenge therein is, do we understand?

Whatiznext today is to key into the rhythm and move to the beats.. Understanding is paramount.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

Writer... Poet... Lover... Reader...Advertising script writer... Author...

5 thoughts on “The Challenge”

  1. Love you baby. That is another food for thought. Please send me your account number. I wanna send a small token for your Christmas

  2. Very true, may we always understand what He says. May God keep drawing us near tru His spirit. Tanx baby for this food for thought. Keep growing, luv u big

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