Any man who saves his life, losses it.
But any man who losses his heart, saves it.
“I’m afraid of being heart broken” he said.
Too scared for his heart, he never gave a chance.

Build a wall, he did, a wall that rivals China’s.
And his heart became an empire.
To those on the inside, it felt like hellfire.
Everyone going out, and none ever coming in.

The majestic impenetrable wall, without solace,
Yet to others he stood fresh like fleece.
No stranger allowed at the gate,
This great wall, an irony coming late.

He didn’t let in, yet he gave out.
He couldn’t share his heart for fear of pain,
Yet pain was the medicine, for flesh slain.
“Impenetrable” he said to himself, yet alone.

That moment when something good doesn’t feel right.
He only tried to save his heart,
In the end, losing all the lessons.
The gain in the pain is all the good he lost.

#Whatiznext today is for us to recognize that we have built a wall to keep ourselves safe, yet we have in some ways lost the true lessons of life.
Pause and ponder on this, what happens when there is fire outbreak on the inside of an impenetrable wall, and then the ocean is outside that wall, we must learn to lose ourselves to find ourselves.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

Writer... Poet... Lover... Reader...Advertising script writer... Author...

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