So a guy was asked what his hustle is, and he said baba ijebu. And i was like, whaaaaaaaaat!!! He doesn’t even know it yet, but he’s addicted. “It’s just a game, it’s cheap too”, but he’s been caught up…….

So a lady had to hang out with some friends, she had to meet up to status. All they said was “take a smoke”, and smoke she did but she doesn’t still know why she’s been walking from upper-iweka, onitsha till she got to Ahmadu bello way, Kano.

The point is, look around you. One youth or the other is getting mixed up about life, she needs attention and he needs love too. They are looking for something, something that makes it all complete. Go tell them, not to hang on to something that fades away, that is here today and gone tomorrow. Be the bible they never read.

Put away all judgemental act and show some love before it gets to a stage where the brother goes to a betting booth from dawn to dusk. And the lady goes nuts and just keeps walking, walking into insanity.

#whatiznext today is that you really look deeply, there’s still a way. #jesusway. #notoallformsofaddiction.

This article was written by Ngozi Ibe

Writer... Poet... Lover... Reader...Advertising script writer... Author...

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